My Trip to Aruba

My Trip to Aruba.png

Last month I visited Aruba also known as the One Happy Island! The island in the southern section of the Caribbean and part of the ABC islands - Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The average temperature year round is 82 degrees and the beaches are to die for. The water in Aruba was a beautiful aqua/turquoise color that you could see right through. The town we stayed in was called Oranjestad; from our Airbnb it was a 10 min walk  to the renaissance resort, shops, and the beach!

We didn’t plan a lot of activities but a few significant ones. Our number one thing we wanted to do was visit Renaissance Private Island also known as flamingo island! We did some research and found out there were three ways to get onto the island: be a guest at the resort hotel, pay a $99 day fee, or booking a massage with Okeanos Spa which comes with free access to the island. We went for the message because it guaranteed access, whereas during peak season a day pass might not be available because of capacity. However we apparently went during a low season so there was a great chance we would have gotten to the island with just a day pass. But the massage was worth it; set in a cove covered overlooking the water. We also got a drink ticket, towels and water floats.


Now back to the flamingos - 6 live on the private island;  not native to Aruba but were brought there several year prior. They walk around, hangout in the water, sleep, and eat food right from your hands!! The cat food like pellets are only 25¢; and you can feed them as much as they will take the food!

We also took Aruba’s Full Island Tour; since the island is only 20 miles long from its northwestern to its southeastern end and 6 miles across at its widest point the tour lasted around 5 hours. It included a visit to the California Lighthouse, the Ayo Rock Formation, and the Casibari Rock Formations, one of the world’s oldest aloe-vera factories, as well as a 75-year-old, family-run bar. We learned about Aruba’s gold-rush era at the Bushiribana gold mill ruins, and had an early dinner and swim at Baby Beach, a man-made lagoon!

The rest of the time we walked, took photos, visited Eagle Beach, and ate at a few different restaurants. Aruba is definitely a tourist island; they take American currency, natives speak a minimum of 4 languages - Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish, and English! I would highly recommend visiting the island of Aruba if you are looking for a nice relaxing vacation in the Caribbean.