What is a Budget?


So what is this thing called a budget? Is it a restriction, a hassle, a complicated idea? Do you need a lot of money to even have a budget? If you have debt would it beneficial to create a budget? Well let’s look up the term budget to see what means…


budg·et ('bəjət/)

The amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose.


When I first read that definition I thought it was accurate but there was more. “...the amount of money that is available for...” as I read it again my eyes lit up; because I realized that definition didn’t just mean money that is available but more specifically what I would consider to be FREEDOM!

Yes, that’s right I would say my definition of a budget is FREEDOM. Why, because even though it may seem like using a budget keeps you from doing the things you want; it actually does the opposite. It allows you to be able to do most everything you want without having to pick and choose. This is the misconception I’m striving to change.

But what does budgeting have to do with travel? In one word; everything. If we don’t have money we can’t travel, plain and simple. Budgeting can help us save so we don’t miss out amazing travel opportunities and experiences.

Often when the term budget is brought up in relation to buying things we want or travel it sounds like a restriction that is hard to even do. I used to feel this way until I was backed into a corner; I was enjoying my new found freedom in the professional world after college and traveling all over the place. I wasn’t tracking anything I was spending and I didn’t care. But it soon caught up to me...