Discuss these 3 Things Before Traveling with Friends

Discuss These 3 Things Before Traveling With Friends

I’ve learned a lot about myself through traveling especially with friends. And in all honesty sometimes who you travel with can make or break your trip. Budding heads in the middle of Thailand probably isn’t where you want to end up; these situations can be avoided for the most part.

Here are three topics of discussion you should have with your travel companion or group before any trip:

Travel Budget

This one always comes up fairly quickly; specifically when discussing destination and accommodations. I may want to stay in an inexpensive (but nice) Airbnb while the other person may want to stay at a 5 star hotel; if I cannot afford $200/night we might have a problem. This also goes for destinations; where some countries or cities will cost more than you might be able to afford. When I travel it’s best to know that my companion has the same ideas in regards to budget so that we’re able to do some of the same things.

Discuss These 3 Things Before Traveling With Friends


Travel Style

“You down to party or nah?”

Discuss These 3 Things Before Traveling With Friends

This is a real question that must be answered. I am not a big partier anymore; but I am down to meet up with others travelers I just met for drinks; go dancing with locals, or join a free walking tour. If you are more of a coffee shop and bike ride person while your travel buddy is a all night raver there might be an issue when deciding what to do that following evening or you may end up in a place you don’t feel comfortable with. However if you don’t mind doing somethings alone this can be a good alternative to having different preferences in activities.


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Travel Activities

Tours, beaches, zip-lining, wine tasting; these are some of the activities I LOVE while traveling. And they are usually a lot more enjoyable with others.

Discuss These 3 Things Before Traveling With Friends


Discuss what activities you are dying to do; having your “must dos” known up front is very important. If there are a majority of things you both can enjoy it can make for an amazing experience. I recommend not to compromise too much or give up all your must do activities just because your travel buddy doesn’t like it.


Every trip will have it’s give and takes; so that both or all parties can enjoy the trip! if you want to make all the decisions and have everything on your terms - solo travel may be a better option for you.

Are there any other tips you have for traveling with friends? Have any bad experiences because of traveling styles or expectations?