3 Essential Steps to Reduce Post-Vacation Stress

3 Essential Steps To Reduce Post-Vacation Stress

I’m so tired when I get home from a trip and just want to rest and get ready for work the next day. Over the last few years I’ve figured out how to do just that with these simple pre & post vacation steps.



1. Start Packing Early

If you’re like me and like to select outfits for each day of a trip or you’re going on a long trip it’s best to start packing few days up to a week before you leave.

I take out my suitcase and place select items (clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc) that I know will be packed. This also give me an idea of if I need to go buy additional items. This way I don’t go to bed at 2am the night before my trip because I was packing last minute!

3 Essential Steps To Reduce Post-Vacation Stress


2. Clean Before You Leave

I don’t know about you but after i’m done packing things are everywhere! I run to the airport the next morning and when I return my room is a mess and I just stand in the doorway sighing because I just want to relax on my bed.

3 Essential Steps To Reduce Post-Vacation Stress

For those of you like me; I suggest cleaning your room , making your bed, putting away items in the bathroom, wash the dishes and take out the trash before you leave. Or complete the things you will need to prepare for work the day you return. Have your work clothes washed and ironed; cook your food and place it in the freezer to avoid cooking the night before.

These steps can help save you time and reduce stress after a relaxing vacation.


3. Unpack Immediately

I’ll confess; there have been multiple times I’ve been lazy and never fully unpacked until my next trip. I take out my dirty clothes but the other items are left there and I’m living out of my suitcase half the time. So the best thing to do is open your suitcase and remove everything; wash what needs to be washed, put away toiletries, decorate your home with your new souvenirs, and put the suitcase away for the next trip.

3 Essential Steps To Reduce Post-Vacation Stress


If you have all these down, what are some other things you do to not have any post vacation stress? Post any hacks or questions you have below!