Creating Balance with a Budget for the Freedom You Want


Now, there is a balance that’s needed when on a budget; if my money doesn’t stretch for everything I want all at one time “later” is always an option I’ve had to say no to impulse purchases many times and I’m ok with that, because it doesn’t mean no or never. It meant that when I went to the store and saw those $100 shoes I didn’t plan on buying I had to learn to hold off until I actually had money.

Everyone’s budget will look different they aren’t only for “broke” people. If I wanted to splurge but have some control, then I put that into my budget. For example, if I desire to spend $200/month spurging and I have that much left over after I pay my bills and budget for my necessities I CAN DO THAT!

Budgeting is tool that can help anyone to get out of debt, save for a house or car, never overspend, and travel the world! Being able to say yes without hesitation is the freedom that a budget gives you. Knowing I will not have to dip into your savings or incur overdraft fees gives me the peace of mind I want!

Here are a list of things you can budget for:

  • Trips (Vacation, Anniversary, Family Reunion)

  • Essentials (Groceries, Clothing, Appliances, Gas)

  • Activities (Amusement Parks, Sporting Events)

  • Splurging (New Shoes, Gadgets, Expensive Meal)


Now the question is how do I start budgeting so I can travel around the globe?! Click here to get started …