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Like a lot of people…

… I graduated from college with student loan debt and on top of that I racked up even more debt with a car loan and irresponsible credit card spending. I was fed up with living paycheck to paycheck, not making a dent in my loan payments and all the stress that came with it. I wanted to pay off all my debt and still do what I enjoyed most; TRAVEL.

But was it possible to work towards a debt free life and take amazing vacations?

Yes. 100% Yes. It wasn’t easy at first; I had to not only sacrifice a few luxuries but also develop a level of discipline and patience that would allow me to travel around the world and succeed in paying off all my debt.

Learning to budget my finances allowed me to prioritize my money for the things I wanted to do while working towards a debt free life. A budget didn’t keep me from enjoying life; it actually does the opposite - a budget was the FREEDOM I was looking for.


Realistically what “amazing” trips can I experience while paying off debt?

How about watching Michael Phelps swim live at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil; salsa dancing in front the Opera House in Sydney, Australia; reconnecting with relatives in Africa, hanging out in Los Angeles more times than I can count, celebrating a 10 year friendship in Mexico City … All of these trips that have brought so much joy and new memories were planned, budgeted, and saved for while I was in debt.


My goal is to teach you how to travel the world regardless of your financial situation.

Seeing firsthand how budgeting and travel can work towards my dreams of traveling to the most beautiful places in the world is why I desire to teach more people how to take control of their finances and do the same.

Turn your “No” , “I Can’t”, or “I Wish” into a “YES!” for that vacation where you can experience a different culture, try new foods, learn new skills, and relax from work and the daily stresses of life.

Travel on a Budget

Now, where should you start?


Create Your Own Budget - Travel on a Budget

I've seen so many people miss out on amazing trips because of their financial situation. They believed they had absolutely no money to take a vacation. Now is the time to determine if you have been saying No to the trips of a lifetime when you could be saying Yes!


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So what is this thing called a budget? Is it a restriction, a hassle, a complicated idea? Find out what a budget is and what it has to do with travel…

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